vasthu vs science- cosmic energy

vasthu vs science- cosmic energy

Akasham or Sky, Vaayu or Air, Agni or Fire, Bhumi or Earth and Jalam or Water
The shastras or the ancient Indian texts on science tell us that cosmic energy has a specific influence on living beings. Vasthu Shastra involves the alignment of these five basic elements according to the law of nature.

The effects of these five elements have to be studied to appreciate the science of vasthu in its pure form and also to pacify skeptics who question the efficiency and validity of vasthu shastra. Since vasthu is based on the permanent property of the earth namely inclination towards the north, the effect of vasthu is universal .

The Vasthusasthram has developed over generations as a result of observations of the influence of the SUN and the MAGNETIC fields on earth and living bodies, mentally and physically.

For any problems that you may be having with your health, mental and body peace, it is recommended that you construct buildings “as per the principals of Vasthusasthra

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