Dhuwarahaa Associates is an organization that is fully devoted to the development of vastu shastra , maneyadi Shastra , Sodasa maniporutham & Building Construction  and has taken steps to bring our Vedic culture back by specializing in Vastu Shastra. According to it before constructing our house hotel, factory, office, clinic, hospital, restaurant, inn or temple etc. We should know (go through) the five elements and do the construction accordingly so that one gets PEACE, PROSPERITY & HAPPINESS.

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Vaasthu shaastra is an ancient traditional architectural science born and developed in India. Vaasthu shaastra deals with the architectural and engineering needs of any structure.


The term “manai”,a tamil word ,refers to house.”shastra” refers to a discipline of study .Thus manaiyadishastram refers to the discipline ….


Vastu shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India, covers each and every aspect of a house, right from the kitchen to the garage to the children room.